Tax Law

The «RI-Consulting» Company with professional auditors, tax consultants, lawyers and lawyers specializing in tax law provide professional services in support of tax audits, challenging the results of tax audits and legal assistance in cases of tax crimes.

We provide comprehensive legal support: from advisory support to the participation of a barrister.

The priority directions of the Tax practice of the «RI-Consulting» Company are:

  • consulting on the application of tax legislation, analysis and monitoring of the presence/absence of risks of negative consequences for top managers and business beneficiaries on the results of tax policy of the company and / or on the results of tax audit;
  • audits (extraordinary, regular, in order to identify tax risks in the acquisition of business as a property complex, one or related transactions, etc.);
  • tax consulting on: tax policy, identification/leveling of tax risks in a transaction or related transactions, acquisition of business as a property complex, etc.;
  • preparation of the company for on-site inspections;
  • participation in on-site inspections;
  • preparation of objections to the act of inspection, challenging the decisions of tax authorities in court;
  • legal assistance at all stages of inspections carried out by investigative bodies to investigate tax and related crimes (tax evasion, illegal banking, etc.);
  • participation and resolution of other issues related to the upcoming, ongoing or completed tax audits, the emergence of debates/objections with the tax authorities in the normal course of business activities of companies and / or illegal actions/inaction of tax authorities;
  • participation of an attorney in the trial of criminal cases initiated for tax crimes.

Advantages of working with us:

  • a team of professionals aimed at achieving a positive result for the Client;
  • significant combined experience of specialists in the narrow field of tax law and law enforcement;
  • significant experience in working with regulatory authorities in resolving tax issues.