Family Law and Inheritance Law

The «RI-Consulting» Company has considerable experience in providing services to individuals on family law and inheritance law on the terms of confidentiality. A significant part of our clients on family law issues reached agreements at the stage before applying to the courts, as well as in the process of judicial proceedings (by concluding amicable agreements on the results of judicial proceedings).

On matters of inheritance law, our lawyers are able to resolve issues with the minimum possible time and financial costs of clients, including through the conclusion of settlement agreements with other heirs, and our lawyers have considerable experience in the recognition of ownership of the heirs who did not enter into timely inheritance rights and judicially establish such right.

The priority directions of the Family Law and Inheritance Law of the «RI-Consulting» Company are:

Family Law:

  • all questions determine the order of communication with children, determining the place of residence of children (in pre-judicial and judicial order), the return of children established by the decision of the court of the place of residence of the minor (including in the resolution of issues, provided that one of the parents is a foreign citizen and permanently resides outside the Russian Federation);
  • representing clients in resolving issues related to alimony obligations of a parent living separately from minor children;
  • advice and representation on issues of change of surname, name, patronymic of a minor, including a challenging non-normative acts of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, issued the denial of a permit;
  • divorce proceedings and division of joint property of spouses in pre-trial and / or judicial proceedings, taking into account the interests of minors;
  • other family law issues.

Inheritance law:

  • representation of the interests of heirs when entering into inheritance rights;
  • challenging or protecting the interests of the client from unfair actions of other heirs;
  • recognition of inheritance rights under the law, in the case of filing such an application outside the period established by law;
  • representing the interests of heirs on claims aimed at the alienation of hereditary property (challenging transactions, unfair actions of other heirs, representing the interests of clients on claims for recognition of property as defaulted, vindication and negatory claims, etc.).

Advantages of working with us:

  • achieving the result in the interests of the client;
  • participation in conflict negotiations and development of solutions satisfying both sides of the conflict;
  • confidentiality.