Corporate Law

The «RI-Consulting» Company has experience in successful (effective) practice of resolving corporate issues: preparation of complex corporate documents (regulating the order of relations between participants/shareholders and with the sole executive body), as well as successful experience in protecting the interests of participants/shareholders and top managers in resolving corporate conflicts. We provide comprehensive legal support: from the preparation of documents to mitigate the risk of corporate conflicts to the judicial protection of the client’s interests.

The priority directions of the Corporate Law of the «RI-Consulting» Company are:

  • development of corporate agreements and shareholder agreements;
  • processing of statutory documents;
  • analysis and assessment of the probability of occurrence of the risk of corporate conflict and development of measures aimed at its prevention in the interests of minority participants/shareholders;
  • conducting / participating in conflict negotiations;
  • recovery of losses from sole executive bodies, challenging of the transactions and series of related transactions that caused losses for the company and its participants/shareholders;
  • exclusion or protection from exclusion from the membership/shareholders of the company;
  • development of employment contracts of top managers and local acts regulating powers (limits of authority) and responsibility of top managers;
  • participation in dispute resolution, including litigation, with former and current top managers and sole executive body;
  • organization and holding of general meetings, including in the context of corporate conflicts;
  • acting as corporate secretary (preparation and assistance for general meetings);
  • other services in the field of Corporate law.

 Advantages of working with us: 

  • confidentiality;
  • comprehensive support.