Real Estate Law

The «RI-Consulting» Company has considerable and versatile experience of successful (effective) work on representation of interests of clients at all stages of implementation of various projects (investment, transactions of purchase and sale of complex objects/land plots; obtaining rights to land plots from owners of all forms of ownership for the implementation of various purposes, including construction) from the moment of the client’s interest in the implementation of the project related to real estate issues (analysis of the history and risks associated with the property), the beginning of the transaction (preliminary negotiations, coordination of the terms of various transactions, development of contracts, etc.) to the termination of contracts (including conflict negotiations in the interests of clients and the conclusion of agreements satisfying both parties to the conflict).

The priority directions of the Real Estate Law of the «RI-Consulting» Company are:

  • structuring of transactions for investment legal relations;
  • option and investment agreements (development of projects, coordination of draft agreements with participants, contestation in court, etc.);
  • development of draft contracts for the construction of large, residential and industrial facilities, legal analysis of existing contracts;
  • negotiations at the stage of conclusion and termination, including conflict negotiations;
  • changing the purpose of land plots;
  • privatization, recognition of property rights, including for collective appeals (claims) on behalf of non-profit entities;
  • obtaining rights to use land plots (rent, gratuitous use, etc.);
  • consulting and risk analysis on acquired real estate objects (industrial enterprises, land plots for apartment construction, residential development, etc.);
  • advising and representing the client in negotiations on lease relations (from consultation on the risks of the lessee / lessor at the stage of conclusion of the contract to the issues of termination of contracts, recovery of losses caused to the leased property, etc.).

Advantages of working with us:

  • achieving the result in the interests of the client;
  • confidentiality.