Antimonopoly (antitrust) practice

The lawyers of the «RI-Consulting» Company have considerable experience in successful (effective) protection of interests and restoration of violated rights of clients, as well as consulting, analysis and development of an individual system to minimize risks for the client associated with a possible violation of antitrust laws in the field of public procurement, including the identification/analysis of actions that can be recognized as «cartel / concerted actions», unfair (anti-competitive) actions, as well as the protection of the client’s interests on the application and violations of the legislation on Advertising.

The priority directions of the Antimonopoly practice of the «RI-Consulting» Company are:

  • representing clients’ interests during scheduled and unscheduled inspections of the Antimonopoly authority;
  •  representing clients’ interests in the Antimonopoly authority in cases of violation of Antimonopoly legislation, including anti-competitive agreements, unfair competition, violations of legislation on advertising, challenging the results of trading, etc;
  • appeal decisions of the Antimonopoly authority in all administrative and judicial instances;
  • development and implementation of an internal system to minimize the risks of Antimonopoly prosecution aimed at minimizing / eliminating the risks of the client’s actions, which can be recognized as «cartel / concerted actions» (development of organizational and legal measures, preparation of internal local acts, etc.).);
  • advising and representing clients in the field of public procurement, advertising, etc.;
  • claim restitution caused by violations of Antimonopoly legislation

Advantages of working with us:

  • confidentiality;
  • comprehensive support;
  • accuracy and urgency of preparation of documents (from 5 working days, including the period of study of the situation and judicial practice on the issue);
  • work for results: achieving result in the interests of the client, including the development of a plan to minimize risks and improve the effectiveness of such a result for the client.