Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Law

The lawyers of the «RI-Consulting» Company have a significant (over 15 years) experience in the matters of crisis management and bankruptcy, both in the interests of the debtor (for the purpose of restructuring existing debt), and in the interests of creditors (for the purpose of preserving the interests of creditors and block unscrupulous actions of debtors, including the issues of contesting the rights of the creditors included in the register of creditors, contesting debtor’s transactions, etc.). The «RI-Consulting» Company interacts (on a regular basis) with several self-regulatory organizations (SRO), has considerable experience in challenging the debt under loan agreements to credit institutions that have been declared bankrupt, experience of active and passive position of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings of both corporations and financial (credit) organizations.

The priority directions of the Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Law of the «RI-Consulting» Company are:

For organizations (debtors) that have significant creditor indebtedness and intention to restructure it:

  • preliminary analysis and development of the debtor’s strategy on restructuring of accounts payable;
  • conduct of conflict negotiations with creditors of the debtor;
  • risk analysis of the introduction concerning the debtor of procedures of insolvency (bankruptcy) and the development of an action plan aimed at preventing premature action of the creditors for the introduction of procedures of insolvency (bankruptcy);
  • analysis of the debtor’s transactions made before the date of filing an application for recognition of the debtor as insolvent (bankrupt);
  • development of measures for submission of the debtor’s application for insolvency (bankruptcy);
  • resolution of issues on debt restructuring under loan agreements to credit organizations recognized as insolvent (bankrupt).

For creditors:

  • introduction of insolvency (bankruptcy) procedures in relation to the debtor, assistance in selection of the debtor’s trustee;
  • determination of the category of creditor indebtedness (current or to be included in the register);
  • challenging unfair acts of the debtor for the commencement of insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy);
  • ensuring the interests of the client as a creditor in the insolvency (bankruptcy) procedure;
  • analysis of the debtor’s transactions for their disputed, unfair actions of the debtor before the insolvency (bankruptcy) and during the procedures;
  • challenging transactions, including creditor indebtedness included in the register of creditors’ claims;
  • recognition of unfair actions of debtor’s trustees and bringing them to responsibility;
  • involvement of the competent authorities of the debtor to subsidiary responsibility, etc.;
  • inclusion in the register of creditors ‘claims of credit institutions recognized as insolvent (bankrupt), etc.;
  • participation in the resolution of other disputes and issues accompanying the insolvency (bankruptcy) procedures, including in the framework of separate disputes.

Advantages of working with us:

  • achieving the result in the interests of the client;
  • confidentiality;
  • interaction with professional debtor’s trustees, auditors;
  • the possibility of providing comprehensive support in the bankruptcy case (attorneys in criminal cases and lawyers of civil law -specialists in bankruptcy cases).