Criminal law practice


The «RI-Consulting» Company team of barristers has a long-term experience of defending and representing the interests of individuals and organizations in criminal cases, during pre-investigation checks, investigation work, and extradition processes. Our barristers have expertise in criminal cases of all categories, and teamwork abilities. We are on duty within 24 hours.

Barristers’ services:

  • representation of interests of individuals and legal entities during pre-investigation checks, investigation work;
  • consulting on criminal law issues and the criminal proceeding, including law enforcement risks in business activities;
  • protection the interests of suspects and defendants, representation of interests of victims and witnesses in criminal cases at the pre-trial stage;
  • defense the interests of defendants, representation of interests of victims and witnesses in the courts of first, appeal, cassation and supervisory instances;
  • urgent round-the-clock departure of barristers to the venue for investigative actions and investigation work;
  • preparation of materials and statements about the crime to law enforcement agencies, accompaniment of pre-investigation checks;
  • appeal of illegal and unreasonable actions / omissions and decisions of law enforcement agencies in different instances;
  • organization of the appointment and conduct of research and examinations in criminal cases and verification of reports of crimes;
  • evidence gathering within the framework of the authority of the barrister provided by the law, obtaining explanations from citizens for production to law enforcement agencies and the courts;
  • study, analysis, adjustment and preparation of proceedings;
  • interaction with barristers and other participants in a criminal proceeding;
  • organization of complex protection in criminal cases of crimes committed by two or more persons, engaging the necessary number of barristers and coordination of actions of the defense;
  • protection and representation of citizens in extradition proceedings (extradition of the defendant for criminal prosecution outside the Russian Federation);