• Due Diligence

    Due Diligence is a procedure of formation an objective representation of the investment object

    Due Diligence
  • Court practice Court practice

    The «RI-Consulting» Company lawyers have great experience in successfully (effective) defending the interests and restoring violated rights of clients in arbitration courts, in courts of general jurisdiction at any levels throughout Russia.

  • Criminal law practice

    The «RI-Consulting» Company team of barristers has a long-term experience of defending and representing the interests of individuals and organizations in criminal cases, during pre-investigation checks, investigation work, and extradition processes. Our barristers have expertise in criminal cases of all

    Criminal law practice
  • Real Estate Law

    The «RI-Consulting» Company has considerable and versatile experience of successful (effective) work on representation of interests of clients at all stages of implementation of various projects (investment, transactions of purchase and sale of complex objects/land plots; obtaining rights to land

    Real Estate Law
  • Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Law Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Law

    The lawyers of the «RI-Consulting» Company have a significant (over 15 years) experience in the matters of crisis management and bankruptcy, both in the interests of the debtor (for the purpose of restructuring existing debt), and in the interests of

  • Antimonopoly (antitrust) practice Antimonopoly (antitrust) practice

    Юристы компании «РИ-консалтинг» обладают значительным опытом успешной (результативной) защиты интересов и восстановления нарушенных прав клиентов, а также консультирования, анализа  и разработки индивидуальной системы минимизации рисков для клиента …

  • Corporate Law

    Resolving corporate issues: preparation of complex corporate documents (regulating the order of relations between participants/shareholders and with the sole executive body), as well as successful experience in protecting the interests of participants/shareholders and top managers in resolving corporate conflicts.

    Corporate Law
  • Family Law and Inheritance Law

    The «RI-Consulting» Company has considerable experience in providing services to individuals on family law and inheritance law on the terms of confidentiality. A significant part of our clients on family law issues reached agreements at the stage before applying to

    Family Law and Inheritance Law
  • Engagement with Enforcement Authorities (EEAs) Engagement with Enforcement Authorities (EEAs)


  • Partners’ Services

    The «RI-Consulting» Company offers its clients to use the services of trusted and reliable partner companies in areas related to the legal assistance. Appeal to our recommended partner companies will provide a high level of interaction with the specialists of

    Partners’ Services



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Company’s Scope

The «RI-Consulting» Company carries out its activities throughout the Russian Federation on the basis of the application of domestic legislation.